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Past CEE Special Events

21  Oct  2010  
ZEW/CEE Fourth Conference on Non-Cognitive Skills: Acquisition and Economic Consequences

For the fourth time the research network 'Non-Cognitive Skills: Acquisition and Economic Consequences' which is funded by the Leibniz Association within the 'Pakt für Forschung und Innovation 2008' is pleased to announce a conference on 'Non-Cognitive Skills'. The network consists of a co-operation of economic and psychological expertise of leading European research institutions, the research group of James Heckman at the Economic Research Center, Chicago and the Baden- Württemberg employer association Südwest metall including its educational institutions. In the conference we plan to discuss theories and research methods from different disciplines in order to study non-cognitive skills (such as motivation, persistence, elf-regulation) in the modern economy. The discussions will shed also some light on the priorities of education policy.
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23  Jun  2008  
CLS and CEE Conference: Intergenerational Mobility

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5  Dec  2007  
CEE Conference: School Transition and Pupil Mobility

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1  Jun  2007  
CEE / TLRP Education Conference

Featuring: Eric Hanushek (Stanford University), School Quality and Economic Development, and David Neumark (University of California, Irvine), School-to-Work in the United States
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23  Mar  2007  
Special Seminar: Cognitive Ability, Heterogeneity, Endogeneity and Returns to Schooling in Chile: Outcomes of the 1981 Capitation Grant Scheme
Harry Patrinos (World Bank)
17  May  2006  
CEE Mini-Conference: The Educational Impact of School Competition and Choice

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28  Oct  2005  
CEE Mini-Conference: Lifelong Learning and Adult Training

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11  Oct  2005  
Has Vocational Education and Training at school been successful in Australian Schools?
Tom Karmel (National Centre for Vocational Education Research, Australia)

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30  Sep  2005  
CEE Mini-Conference: School Effects and Pupil Outcomes

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20  May  2005  
CEE Mini-Conference: The Graduate Labour Market: Rates Of Return And Overeducation

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2  Mar  2005  
The Relationship between School Resources and Student Attainment at Key Stage 3

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15  Oct  2004  
CEE Mini-Conference: Intergenerational Mobility In Education

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19  Mar  2004  
CEE Mini-Conference: Factors Affecting Participation In Post-Compulsory Education

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28  Nov  2003  
CEE Mini-Conference: The Macro Effects Of Education

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7  Nov  2003  
CEE Conference on Education and Productivity

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21  Feb  2003  
CEE Mini-Conference: The Effects Of School Resources On Pupil Outcomes Conference

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25  Mar  2002  
CEE Mini-Conference: Educational Choice

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25  Sep  2001  
CEE Mini-Conference: Teacher Pay and Incentives

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