CEE in the News 2019

The Times
Ban mobile phone use in schools

Almost all schools are thought to have some controls over mobile phone use. Some ban them outright and others restrict their use in lessons or during playtime. A 2015 study by the London School of Economics found that banning them resulted in test scores rising by more than 6 per cent.

Irish Daily Mail
Studies show range of detrimental effects

Snippet: ... A new ESRI study shows smartphone ownership among children has a detrimental impact on their education. And a 2015 study by the Centre of Economic Performance at the London School of Economics found that after sch...

The Conversation
Brexit, xenophobia and international students: how to combat ''public paranoia'' over immigration

Research by London School of Economics professor Stephen Machin and Richard Murphy at The University of Texas at Austin revealed that by paying higher fees, international students in effect subsidise certain domestic students.