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Teachers' Pay and Pupil Performance

Peter  Dolton,  Oscar  Marcenaro Gutierrez,  October 2011
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Keywords: incentive systems; merit pay; education; teacher salaries; pupil outcome

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If you pay peanuts, do you get monkeys? If teachers were better paid and higher up the national income distribution, would there be an improvement in pupil performance? Peter Dolton and Oscar Marcenaro-Gutierrez examine the enormous variation in teachers' pay across OECD countries and its significance for educational outcomes.

CentrePiece 16 (2) Autumn2011 pages: 20-22

This article summarises 'If You Pay Peanuts, Do You Get Monkeys? A Cross-Country Analysis of Teacher Pay and Pupil Performance' by Peter Dolton and Oscar Marcenaro-Gutierrez, Economic Policy 26(65): 5-55, January 2011