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Post-16 educational choices in England

Claudia  Hupkau,  Sandra  McNally,  Jenifer  Ruiz-Valenzuela,  Guglielmo  Ventura,  October 2016
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Keywords: vocational education, apprenticeships, progression routes

JEL Classification: I20; I24; I28

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Well under half of young people in England complete A-levels, yet the baffling array of qualifications available for their peers is rarely discussed. Sandra McNally, director of the newly established Centre for Vocational Education Research, describes the complex system of post-16 technical education – and calls for major reforms to address our collective need for improved skills and social mobility.

CentrePiece 21 (2) Autumn2016 pages: 17-19

This article summarises ‘Post-Compulsory Education in England: Choices and Implications’ by Claudia Hupkau, Sandra McNally, Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela and Guglielmo Ventura, CVER Discussion Paper No. 1, July 2016.