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Metal crime: the impact of prices, policing and policy

Tom  Kirchmaier,  Stephen  Machin,  Matteo  Sandi,  Robert  Witt,  July 2018
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Keywords: metal crime, metal prices, commodity prices

JEL Classification: K42

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Metal prices are strong drivers of metal crime, according to research by Tom Kirchmaier and colleagues. Their study traces how, over the past ten years, big rises in commodity prices led to a boom in metal crime in the UK, which was followed by a bust as prices fell.

CentrePiece 23 (2) Summer2018 pages: 15-17

This article summarises ‘Prices, Policing and Policy: The Dynamics of Crime Booms and Busts’ by Tom Kirchmaier, Stephen Machin, Matteo Sandi and Robert Witt, CEP Discussion Paper No. 1535, March 2018.